Date: June 12, 2016
Series: Fairy Tail
Cosplayers/Characters: @weirdohope (Ezra Scarlet), @sabrinanikkol (Lucy Heartfilia), @spideynat (Mirajane Strauss), @penguinflyer12 (Happy), @sarahscomic (Levy McGarden), @theitachiguy (Natsu Dragneel), @dorky_kit (Wendy Marvell), @dogs_go_wuff27 (Gray Fullbuster), Flare Corona
Assist: N/A
Facebook album

@weirdohope invited me to shoot her Fairy Tail group at a private beach along with two other cosplay photographers, @dappergeeknews and @nick_nacks_photo. This was my first time meeting with cos photogs outside of a con so that was fun! Got to work with some new cosplayers as well. These are some of the photos from the set, the rest (along with derp photos) are on our Facebook page, linked above!

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