Various photos from Anime Expo 2016 held during July  1-4, 2016 at Los Angeles Convention Center.
Assist: Bryan, Nicole
Facebook album

Anime Expo is the largest North American anime convention. Naturally, people from all over the country, no – all over the world, flock to Los Angeles during July 4th weekend. This was the first time I was fully booked with 5 scheduled shoots a day with some spontaneous ones happening here and there. I was quite surprised as I had not even advertised that I would be booking shoots. My assists and I definitely had fun with these shoots, but we were run quite ragged by the end of Anime Expo. Plus, the convention center and the area surrounding it was so crowded that it was difficult to get good scenes without a ton of people or backdrops that don’t match the show the client is cosplaying from (do something about those palm leaves!). Nonetheless, I worked with what I got and tried my best. Onto the photos! Full set on Facebook along with hallshots, linked above.

What I learned: give yourself time to breathe. 5 back-to-back shoots a day and running from one end of the convention center to the other with equipment and trying to find lost cosplayers was a challenge. We had 2 hours tops over the 4 days to explore the exhibit hall (why did we even bother to buy badges?). Majority of the photos were taken outside anyways). In the future, we’ll probably only schedule 1 shoot per day and have cosplayers who want shots to find us.


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