Date: May 24, 2016
Series: Noragami
Cosplayers/Characters: @bopplejellyfish (Yato), Tilted Tripod (Bishamonten), @imoristar (Mayu), Iki Hiyori, Yukine, Kazuma
Assist: N/A
Facebook album

@imoristar reached out to me to shoot their Noragami group in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles thanks to @bopplejellyfish’s recommendation. I don’t have much experience shooting large groups so this served as a good experience. Large groups are a challenge – you have to arrange each person in an interesting pose and have them hold the pose while making sure you are in focus. One person caught blinking is a no-go. So always be sure to take burst shots. Anyways, here’s a selection of photos from the set! Full photoset is on Facebook, linked above.

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