Various photos from Cosplay Photographer Alliance Meetup #1 held on November 20, 2016 at Heritage Park in Cerritos.
Assist: @chenbiart
Facebook album

I am part of the Cosplay Photographer Alliance group on Facebook and we decided to have a meetup since it is the end of the con season. There was a discussion on where the location should be and Cerritos was the final decision since there weren’t many meetups hosted near Orange County (there are already meetups in Los Angeles/Riverside area). This was great for me since I only live a couple minutes away (I’ve done a couple photoshoots already at this location). I got to the meetup in the early afternoon due to work and it was raining off and on. Luckily, I had my rain gear on me so I was still able to shoot without worrying about my equipment getting destroyed. I got to meet a lot of new photographers and work with new and old cosplayers. All photos from the meetup are on Facebook, linked above. Here are my favorite sets:

Series: Bakemonogatari
Character: Shinobu Oshino
Cosplayer: @_queenbean_

Series: SMITE
Character: Nox (Madame Darkness Ver.)
Cosplayer: @blood.empress

Series: Final Fantasy VII
Character: Tifa Lockhart
Cosplayer: @alyson_wondrland

Series: Love Live! School Idol Project
Cosplayers/Characters: @tenderbroembrace (Ayase Eli Fairytale Ver.), @standesu (Tojo Nozomi Fairytale Ver.)

Series: Touhou Project
Cosplayers/Characters: @dm_arisu (Remilia Scarlet), @margatroids (Marisa Kirisame)

Series: The Seven Deadly Sins
Character: Elizabeth Liones
Cosplayer: @holliesterberry

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