Date: December 11, 2016
Series: Sword Art Online, RWBY, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Love Live! School Idol Project
Cosplayers/Characters: @sabrinanikkol (Yoko Littner, Yang Xiao Long, Tojo Nozomi), @craftyfoxxcosplay (Yuuki Asuna, Blake Belladonna, Eli Ayase)
Assist: Bryan
Facebook album

I was invited to another Lumino Studios shoot by @sabrinanikkol along with @dappergeeknews for a Christmas-themed shoot. I was lucky to have Bryan as my assist again, especially since he lives so far away. This time was a lot easier than before since I had Bryan do most of the heavy lifting with the lights. I felt like I was really able to take advantage of the equipment and my time since he was there. Thanks man! As always, all the photos are available for viewing in our Facebook album, linked above.

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