Date: April 16, 2017
Series: N/A
Character: N/A
Cosplayer: @annjelife
Facebook album

My second shoot with @annjelife involved something more original. Annje likes to collect school uniforms, specifically seifukus! So of course we did the shoot at a school and had some generic schoolgirl anime moments! Some shots were inspired by the Schoolgirl Complex photobooks from a Japanese photographer! A Tumblr user once said “do you think anime parents have a baby and when they see she has pink hair and blue eyes, they just think “oh no, she’s a main character.” I think that post perfectly summed up this shoot! And someone else replied “an anime in which this pink haired girl goes through her life trying to avoid becoming the main character of an anime.” This shoot was probably one of my favorites and I think I would like to make a book out of these too someday just like the Schoolgirl Complex photobook series.


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