Date: February 16, 2017
Series: Super Mario Bros.
Character: Princess Daisy
Cosplayer: @annjelife
Assist: N/A
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#cinesession number… 4 (?) brought to you by photographers @cinecosu and @justinelement. This is my second time attending one and I had a blast hanging out with them, cosplayer @annjelife, and fellow photog @remcreate at this wonderful location. It was more of a hangout for me since it was their photoshoot but I did get some film shots in.

For those who are wondering, the film I used for these shots is Fujifilm Provia 100f. I love experimenting with different films, so I decided to give it a try on cosplay. Slide film is color positive rather than color negative (what most people think of when you say film), so color positives actually come out on the film strip with the actual colors you see in real life. This film is more expensive per shot, but I am very happy with some of the results. Some. I still have much to learn when using this excellent yet easily unforgiving film.


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